I had stubborn eczema from the ages of 22 to 32. I tried so many things yet couldn’t get a handle on how to control the rash and the terrible itching. I learned a lot along the way about skin, stress, and overall inner and outer health.

I went on a trip and got my first acupuncture treatment in the midst of dealing with the eczema and was pretty much hooked on the relaxation and the energy moving feeling of the treatment.  The eczema dried up somewhat and I thought the treatment helped my skin!

I returned from the trip and began to get weekly acupuncture treatments. It was a journey of a year where at the end of it, I wanted to go to school to learn how it worked and to ultimately help others.  It helped me with ear aches, menstrual cramps (hurray), sleep, digestion and energy. This cool acupuncturist answered my questions and worked with me to recover my skin!

During my years at the New England School of Acupuncture, I continued to suffer with the eczema. Mostly, it was better yet the winters were tough with painful cracks and itchies day and night. By my third year, 1999, the rash subsided almost completely as I continued working on it with Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

I continue to have some small breakouts that occur especially in the winter. I know to keep my hands moisture with creams. I also use tea tree oil hand balm made my sister, Overall, I feel like it isn’t a huge problem in my life.  My life is not significantly impacted by eczema.

I hope others, also, don’t have to suffer from ongoing issues like eczema and get the help they need!

Fertility and Chinese Medicine

Many people are interested in how Chinese medicine helps increases the results of getting pregnant. There is such great research being done on this subject. I am now putting together a list of links to this research studies which is included below.

The Ancient Art of Infertility Treatment
When it comes to getting pregnant, old world techniques may be just what today’s high-tech doctors will order.

Infertility To Pregnancy With Acupuncture & Herbs
A new clinical study concludes that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have potent effects in reversing infertility.

Traditional Chinese medicine makes fertility treatments more effective

Changes in serum cortisol and prolactin associated with acupuncture during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in women undergoing in vitro fertilization–embryo transfer treatment.
Magarelli, PC, D Cridennda, M Cohen. Fertil Steril. 2009 Dec;92(6):1870-9

FINDINGS: In this study, there appears to be a beneficial regulation of cortisol and prolactin in the acupuncture group during the medication phase of the IVF treatment, with a trend toward more normal fertile cycle dynamicsA case for inducement of baby – a woman wanted a natural child birth and she had high blood pressure a few weeks before her due date. Her midwife suggested trying acupuncture for inducement.

She came three times for three days and was able to give birth naturally a few days after that!

Acupuncture is so helpful for those dealing with all kinds of fertility issues. It is becoming more common to use along side western fertility treatments.  As in this case, it helped to lower high blood pressure and relax the body so it could do what is knows to do naturally. Most women ask for help with stress and emotions as well as treatments to nourish and increase circulation in the female reproductive system.